Maa Manikeshwari Bhajan

Song Title: Chatara Upare Basichi Para(Odiya Song)

Music: Sanat Panda

Lyric: Pushpashree Devi

Singer: Biswajit Mahapatra

Produced by: Raj Productions

Recorded at Siya Recordings


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Digital Filming

The term is derived from the traditional process of working with film which increasingly involves the use of digital technology. The film editor works with the raw footage, selecting shots and combines them into sequences which create a finished motion picture.


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Digital Mixing

In professional audio, a digital mixing console (DMC) is an electronic device used to combine, route, and change the dynamics, equalization and other properties of multiple audio input signals, using digital computers rather than analog circuitry. The digital audio samples, which is the internal representation of the analog inputs, are summed to what is known as a master channel to produce a combined output. A professional digital mixing console is a dedicated desk or control surface produced exclusively for the task, and is typically more robust in terms of user control, processing power and quality of audio effects. However, a computer with proper controller hardware can act as the device for the digital mixing console since it can mimic its interface, input and output


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